Maria Kjellsdotter Rydinger

priest  |  Project Manager

Maria is a priest in the Church of Sweden with many years experience of interfaith work, where she has developed methods for interfaith dialogue, storytelling, analysing prejudices and criticising norms. She founded the Together for Sweden interfaith youth project at Fryshuset, which later laid the groundwork for PDI. Maria has authored and contributed to several books, including Why Interfaith? Stories, Reflections and Challenges from Recent Engagements in Northern Europe.

Maria studied theology at Lund University with a focus on feminist theories and also has an MA in Religious Studies focusing on religion and spirituality in a secularised and global context. Through engagement in municipal and regional politics, with a particular focus on children and youth, Maria is well-versed in local democratic processes.

At PDI, Maria is responsible for the interfaith dimension of the institute, and currently heads the development of several methods, including Storytelling and IC Thinking in Sweden.

Contact info

Tel: +46 73-950 24 60